By Number147


Phil and Mandy (known as Phandy)

I introduced my brother Phil to Mandy 11 years ago. We have been waiting for an announcement ever since!

The diamond is huge; so much so that it looks like something from QVC.  Phil is wealthy so I can only guess what he spent. Like everything with Phil, he has to know the detail. In this case, the clarity, cut, age and carat. The stone came from a 1930s ring with bagette diamonds either side (too big for Mandy) so it was dismantled and reset.

Wedding before Xmas. It will be a small affair, with just the couple and their collective 4 children, followed by a party.

I am thrilled for them!

It was Lucy's annual BBQ today so lots of family present - all 7 siblings together. Live music and great food. And the weather was perfect.

Some extras... 

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