By Dakers

Red Rabbit and Gray Hare

We had planned to go places today until a crystal glass I was rinsing and washing shattered and cut my right pinky in a couple of places.

It took quite a while for the red stuff to stop pouring out, even holding my hand above my head. Surprisingly I felt quite sick, but then I very rarely have this type of injury.

No more watching “Doc Martin" for me.

Feeling much better now.

So to the Blipfoto of today. The sculpture is by Paul Smith and is entitled ”Lady with Gray Hare". I bought it about five years ago for a significant Pat birthday.

I saw it a Potfest and Paul was actually making it at the time and he knew we would be there, and one thing led to another which led to it being in our collection.

Paul is a great sculptor, has a great sense of humour and knows how to sell.

And the extra is the Red Rabbit which is part of an Ikea coat hook board we bought some twenty years ago. It is actually fixed to part of the internal wall where the sludgy paint which covered the original paint finishes has been retained along with some contractor scribbles.

Just retaining the history of the building in use.

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