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By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Biting The Hand That Feeds

More and less patient in large
Ross'sling in dappled light
New Pelicans: Tripping through the wildflowers, Bite-y young males mobbing (6/7), Funny young three, Dancing for their dinner, Flapping back for more
Parakeet feeding is fun

Yeah, the young pelicans haven't learned that particular lesson yet...
My mother and I went to St. James's Park in the early afternoon to see the Ross'sling &c., and to meet the three new pelicans (introduced last week). The older three pelicans were at the palace end of the lake diving for algae, and we found all four Ross's geese together at that end too. The Ross'sling has now shed her juvenile primary feathers and has jet black adult primaries; still utterly adorable...

We went along to see the three new pelicans, and they were mooching on their island rocks, but quickly swam over to the shore when they spotted the keeper with the fish. They didn't come out onto the lawn as the older ones usually do (and dance about excitedly), but charged out through a bed overgrown with wildflowers before mobbing the keeping, running around him, tussling with him, and nipping him all over as he tried to keep their beaks out of the tub of fish, and to distribute the food to all three of them (not just the bolshy males)... They were hilarious: it was such chaos! There are two larger males who were confident and pushy, and a smaller, gentler female who hung back and didn't push or shove. Their juvenile plumage indicates their youth, but the keeper apparently said that they're about six months old.

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