... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: White-Winged Wonder

More spectral a rainbow splash in large.

It was going to be Whisky the cat stretching or pulling faces at Brixton Village (or playing with her Federation Coffee friend), but then we went to WWT London at Barnes...
The Emperor geese were unbearably adorable, as were the escape-artist Hawaiian geese (after they were returned...), but this white-winged duck's rainbow-generating splash as it washed was too unusual to ignore.
Other favourites included an Emperor amongst colours, a juvenile moorhen escaping my frame and another on a gnarly branch, a tufted duckling resurfacing, and a white-naped crane preening elegantly.

Brixton Village pics here (or right from Stretching)
WWT London pics here (or right from Emperor goose paddling).

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