Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

White Letter Hairstreak

After a lovely lie in until 9am and a filling healthy breakfast, we three friends headed out into the fresh air to clear our heads. We had been up until quite late on Saturday chatting, drinking and celebrating friendship and the birth of Ann's second grandchild - Mila Grace. Born by caesarean at 23:45 after over 50 hours of labour, mum was shattered and at 11lb, she was never going to come out easily. Both are doing fine and will be getting lots of visitors later today I'm sure. 
We walked the footpath towards High Bentham and somewhere along the line, ran out of signs and took a wrong turning somewhere. But the weather was good for walking and I had them both looking out for butterflies and birds so it didn't really matter. Alison spotted this white letter hairstreak not knowing what it was and I was thrilled as I don't remember seeing one before! I whipped out the camera and fired off a few shots. This is by no means perfect but is the best of a bad lot as it was not very obliging and flew off pretty quickly.  Great spot Alison :)

We arrived at the pub a few hours later in need of a long cool drink - two cokes and a bottle of water since we were all driving later on in the day :) 

17,000 steps and approx. 8 miles later we were back at the apartment. A quick bite to eat, some goodbyes, the promise to do it all again as soon as we can find an appropriate date, and we were all on our way. It's been a lovely weekend which I have thoroughly enjoyed despite not seeing many birds :)  Roll on the next one.  

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