I haven't been very far today. When I woke up this morning and sat up, I knew straight away that I needed to be careful. I sat for a while and got my self steady before I got out of bed. I have one tablet I take once a week and I need sit upright for half an hour before having food. So despite the vertigo I was experiencing, I had to get out. I also took a couple of stugeron (seasickness) tablets which usually take the edge off the vertigo after a while. I went back to bed and let Lady Marian look after me until I felt safe enough to get up.

I've only been out of the house once and that was with my camera in the evening light to take this image from my deck. Some nice light was playing on the fields across the river so I'm happy not to have to apologise for it.

 I'll be glad to get to tomorrow when I hope I'll be feeling a lot better.

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