I set off early this morning. I'd fastened and packed everything and was out of the gate at 7 o'clock, which is the earliest time you can leave a C&CC site. I was going to Wastwater which is a fairly long trip from Keswick and I'm very glad I did that. I got out and took some photos from the viewpoints I'd planned and got reasonably smooth water and some fair light. An hour later someone was running a school for paddle surfing and loads of them were going out.  I didn't think watersports were allowed on Wastwater.  I moved on further down the Lake and then headed of and left them all to it. I did get severely blocked for about twenty minutes because a car ahead of me decided to stop and let oncoming traffic through in a section of narrow road. One double cab pickup squeezed past me with a quarter inch to spare and after that little hatchbacks fannying around wondering if they could get through. We would have been there all day if an occupant of the car in front of me hadn't walked up round the corner and stopped the traffic.

After that I noticed La'al Ratty, the Eskdale Narrow gauge railway was running so I stopped at Beckfoot, where it caught me up. I've added a shot as an extra. It was seriously overexposed but I've managed to pull the whites back, except for a bit on the steam. The other extra is a panoramic shot of Wastwater.

It's been a beautiful day weatherwise, we've had sun up to about an hour ago when it dropped down. To my surprise I managed to get a glimpse of the Neowise comet last night. I was just coming back from the ablutions block when I noticed a star. That was surprising because it was supposed to be overcast. I looked around and saw The Plough and following GrahamColling's advice the other day could faintly see a star with a tail. It blinked a couple of times and then faded away behind a cloud. Good to see if only for a moment.

Thanks for everything you heaped on Blea Tarn yesterday. I'll get round to thanking you as soon as I can.

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