Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Blea Tarn

I was at the door of Booths as they opened at eight as I needed some milk and a few other things. After that I busied myself with various routine tasks  as I waited for the weather to brighten up as it was forecast to do. After I had some lunch I set off for Blea Tarn with the hope that the bright afternoon might arrive there. 

As I drove down past Thirlemere the sun came out and I remembered John Gravett telling me that the barn there that I blipped on the day we arrived at LPH is much better taken with the early afternoon light. I turned off and took the shot again. It's taken six years but thanks for the tip, John. I've added that one as an extra.

I began wondering about the wisdom of driving through the narrow lanes of the Langdales in July but with a lot of patience I made it to Blea Tarn. Someone seems to have been tinkering with the rocks on the southern end. They're usually nice and random but someone's been arranging them in lines and generally mucking about in an unwelcome (for photographers) way. The best light was fairly early after I arrived and the shot I've blipped is a four second exposure to smooth the water a little.

Driving back was much easier and I decided to take the major road to Ambleside rather than fanny about on the narrow lanes to Grasmere. Longer but much easier at a busy time.

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