Miami ....

…. At night.

We left today for our vacation, which is a destination wedding cruise.  My niece is getting married in The Bahamas on Thursday and we are cruising with Royal Caribbean.  But first we needed to get to Miami!

When I made our flight reservations I purposely didn’t choose an early morning flight to Miami. Since our flight wasn’t until noon-ish we didn’t have to leave the house at an ungodly hour! The airport is just over an hour from home …. On a good day.  Today it took us almost an hour and a half.  But we had plenty of time before our flight.  

The flight was nice …. not too long …. and we arrived in Miami a little after 3:00 p.m.  My brother (father of the bride) was scheduled to pick us up but when I called him he was just leaving the Fort Lauderdale airport after picking up some other cruisers.  So …. We got a Lyft to our beautiful hotel. It’s the first time we have ever used a ride share company and we were pleased with the service.  Our driver showed up at the airport within 5-10 minutes and whisked us away to the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay Hotel.  

We got checked in and were shown to our room, which was on the 17th floor!  What an amazing view! My picture shows the night time view towards the city.  We also had a view of the water …. and all the cruise ships!   

Since this is a family wedding all my family was able to make it to Miami.  Although my mom and one sister will not be going on the cruise.  Instead they are driving to the Florida Keys to spend a few days there …. including Key West.  But at least we have tonight to all be together!
We met everyone at the hotel restaurant and had a fabulous night!

Our first ever cruise starts tomorrow …..

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