By Bella888

Forget Boris ... ...

We have Beryl Bikes here (arrived a couple of months ago). These are parked in a ‘Beryl Bay’ in Southbourne, and make for an appropriate ‘Street Scene’ for today’s Mono Monday Challenge - kindly set by Carolyn.

So tempting to get on one, but not taking the risk. Despite being a regular cyclist at one time. Frustrating.

Looking gloomy out there, but we are assured dreaded hot weather is on the doorstep. With luck, and according to weather apps, the coast will be a few degrees cooler than in town. I hope European blippers stay more comfortable than last time!

NB In case you’re not familiar, our future (tbc tomorrow) Prime Minister, introduced, what are fondly known, as Boris Bikes. They can be rented in London. using an app, and left in any other Boris Docking Bay. The concept has now been extended across the country.

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