Chesterfield Pride

A fantastic day at Chesterfield pride!
I had a pleasant train ride down from Newcastle, spent a few hours in a nice hotel room and had a walk around the town, they have a crooked spire which is quite famous, apparently there was a mistake made with its construction but it has become a tourist attraction, very pretty market town.
Then off to Chesterfield pride where I met up with fellow Divas Kelly Wilde, Sami Brookes, Shena and Amrick Channa, Sonia was on, yes Sonia from the 80s and she put on her nine-year-old daughter who sang a song from The Greatest Showman and was very good!
Dan the organiser who puts on the day with the help of his parents was lovely, met lots of really nice people, I would’ve liked to have stayed but didn’t realise it was an option circle train home at 8 o’clock, got back just after 11 for a glass of wine and some TV with Max.

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