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New Year Swimmers

Yesterdays partying meant that the little ones went to bed a little later than usual. Unsurprisingly they still woke up at stupid o'clock and demanded we all get up too.

The sun was shining so we ventured down to the beach, along with everyone else it seems as it was packed like a summers day. As we approached the coffee van we noticed a bunch of people on the beach. Closer inspection showed that they were watching a load of nutters having a swim. I say nutters, as it was quite chilly, even with the sun shining. I can't imagine how cold the sea must have been and some of the swimmers were not even in wet suits. They all seemed to enjoy it though.

At the coffee van there was much busyness where it was noticable how many tired children and short tempered parents were around, due to last nights celebrating no doubt, so it was nice not to be the only ones for once. After some coffee and some chatting we headed for home, taking a demanding Boy to swing in the park whilst the girls popped to the shop for lunch stuff.

After lunch the little ones and I packed up Christmas ready to go in the loft till December again and then mooched about in a slightly roomier house.

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