MonoMonday287 A street scene

It's ages since I did something for MM and I'm sorry to have missed Carolina's  previous interesting challenges, not least because I'm not very good at street photography but thought I'd give it a go.
This street is the one in which Violet's primary school is situated.  The building was begun in Victorian times and it is easy to imagine this street as it once was, as in many respects it hasn't changed.   The school and cottages on one side and Epping Forest on the other still remain but now of course the obvious difference is the myriad cars that have become part of our lives: many of the tiny front gardens  have been paved  to take a rather precariously parked car  and of course lots of us have to drive to drop off and pick up children as we don't live within a reasonable walking distance.  Finding a spot to park is quite an issue, especially in the afternoons.  Today when I took this shot, Mr MC was there to assist and wait for me nearby in the car and as it was so warm this afternoon, Violet and I were grateful.

Many thanks for all your lovely comments, stars and even hearts for yesterday's hovering hoverfly, all very much appreciated.

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