If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Fledgeling Blue Tit

After my usual slow Sunday start the main target for the day was some "Jungle Fighting".  The trees were hanging over the footpath and taking up too much of the pavement.  So out came the "light sabre" (electric Hedge trimmer") and Loppers and ........... Attack!  Having filled the garden waste bin it was into the car with the rest and off to the recycling centre.  Fortunately just down the road.

All this activity didn't leave much time or inspiration for photography.  The garden is currently full of recently fledged Blue Tits (Parus coeruleus).  We have a habit of leaving what others would call weeds round parts of the garden for the wildlife.  The Tits are spending a lot of time searching the Hogweed heads for insects and I managed to grab this shot.

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