Keith B

By keibr

Nothing is ever as simple as you think...

No, this isn't a reference to Boris Johnson's Brexit plans, but it does seem to be an almost universal truth. So the roof wasn't finished today, as I'd originally planned.
Once I'd removed the metal sheeting it became plain that there was no insulation in this part of the roof. That may be why there was a leak in the first place because in winter the snow nearest the roof would melt and there'd be a lot of water running down the roof. I spent the day adding the insulation you can see and feeding "fluffy" insulation under the boards to the left.
Having worked all day cleaning up ancient dust and mouse poo, and then adding this rather unfriendly fibreglass insulation, it was time for a swim. We finished the day at our local lake, swimming out into the 20° water and then sitting on the rocks in the late evening sun. My first swim this summer, and the water felt beautifully cool.
Tomorrow? We have visitors arriving in the afternoon but first it'll be more work on the roof!

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