Its the Way It Is

By Jeano

Dublin Bay

Brought the gd down to Blackrock DART Station where there is a small beach. I wanted us to paint miniatures of Dublin Bay. I told her to paint whatever she wanted - not just what everyone else does.

We had our flask and tuna sandwiches and 2 Chrunchies for dessert. The sun beamed down and we had a nice time together chatting. This lovely dog kept looking at us - the drop was about 8 feet but there were steps. Hilarious dog and so friendly!

Earlier we had our swim in Bray - ok it was icy - and ok so nana ran into the water shrieking. Why would that embarrass a 10 year old I asks ye!

And then up to Everest Music in Bray to buy her a case for her new guitar - a big nod to the nice guy in there today - so helpful - thank you.

So my blip today is gd doing some art (we had to hold tight to easels as breezy in Dublin atm) - if you want to buy these miniature canvas + easel, they are 3 euro in shops in Dublin. So handy to carry in your handbag with watercolour pencils.

And to enter tinytuesday, I have included an extra of gd’s sea abstract and mine of the 2 chimneys in Dublin Bay. Canvases are 8 cms x 5 cms and I have included a pair of my lovely little enamelled ear/rings for scale.

I am just about to make my savoury pancakes (google Martha Stewart’s buttermilk pancake recipe) with my secret mushroom and scallion sauce.

Film tonight is Jumanji


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