By rat


Went into town this morning and bought a new tent - though don't actually have it yet. Also met a friend in Waterstones and we had a long chat about the Tour of Mont Blanc (among other things) which he'd been inspired to do after hearing of our circuit 3 years ago.
THen took the bike over to Fife (in the car) and did a hilly route which included Balmerino Abbey and some pretty villages. I met another cyclist at one point who said I should have been doing the villages circuit the other way round as the hill was steeper the way I was going, but it wasn't as bad as the one up from Balmerino. There were some nice views across Fife and the Tay. It was hot but the breeze was welcome.
The blip is the abbey which is being taken over by flowers (and a bird, I think).
Barbecue at church this evening and we were able to be outside all the time, unusual in this part of the world.

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