Pictorial blethers

By blethers


We came across this strangeness this afternoon - a telegraph pole with one of these black domed things dismantled, its top lying on the grass and its base sprouting these tendrils, which waved gently in the strange wind that blew till late afternoon. There was a screwdriver on the ground too, leaving us to wonder, hysterically, if some feckless BT engineer had been abducted in mid-task ... were these tendrils actually not what they seemed?

Such nonsense was made the more hysterical by the fact that we were with friends who are staying with us, though this was before we'd gone onto the G&Ts. But on an afternoon that just kept getting better, as the cloud that had hung around us all morning retreated back to the hills and then melted away, and the insanely mild wind lessened and then stopped altogether, it was great to giggle like children as we tramped on along Loch Striven side. Later we diverted a slow-worm as it crossed the road and seemed intent on following the wheel tracks along one side. It slithered into the long grass and vanished. Two minutes later a car came roaring by...

My extra photo is of the upper end of the loch from our turning point - a spot which is often the starting point for an alternative walk. We do live in a lovely place .

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