Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Turning already

As the hot weather affects the brains of aged Tory party members and turns the heads of the unknowns who suddenly find themselves in the Cabinet of the Westminster Government, we, in the coolest part of the United Kingdom, both literally and metaphorically, were able to go for another lovely walk with our friends. We climbed a steep hill - and even peched a bit - above Glenfinart beach, crossed the recently harvested hillside where once stood a dense forest, and walked for some distance on the high track above Loch Long. The distant hills were dappled with shadows, the sun came and went, and the floating dock where the Royal Navy fixes her nuclear submarines looked peaceful and harmless.

And there I really must stop drawing metaphorical parallels. There were some lovely things to look at, but I've chosen to blip these leaves rising above the bracken on the forest floor. The vivid red among the still-bright greenery caught my eye. However, I shall add an extra of the view down the Firth of Clyde for good measure...

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