Lego advertisement?

I was passing through Union Square on my way to the station when I noticed these two new arrivals in the shopping centre. I presume they are advertising something though I didn’t notice what.

A nightmare journey down to Kings Cross today, we arrived three and a half hours late. The over head power lines had come down somewhere after Doncaster. I was on a diesel powered train, sometimes there is an advantage to having 5o year old rolling stock, but of course the line ahead of us was blocked.

We waited two hours in York station. People on other services were put on our train which began to resemble a London commuter service. At least they could tell us we were going to leave eventually as the tannoy announcements on the train were inaudible. We were eventually rerouted arrived at Kings Cross passing near Sheffield and Peterborough.

Well as a result of our very late arrival at least I was not on the London metro in the rush hour. I just had to make sure I stayed awake on the last part of my journey.

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