Castlegate and Blackfriars Pub

I did another historical walking tour today. This was the Black Kalendar tour with tales of white slavery, murder and executions. We met at the Balckfriars pub, the site of several merchants houses. It seems some of the merchants had a profitable sideline in white slavery, kidnapping children and sending them off to the American colonies to work on plantations.

Of course some of the murders and executions in the 16th century had political motivation, and so might be seen to have been justified on such  grounds.

It was cloudy but warm when we set out. I had seen the weather forecast and so I was dressed for inclement weather. Initially I felt a bit overdressed, especially in comparison with some of my fellow walkers. However it soon cooled, and there was heavy rain. So much rain that by the end of the walk the rain was starting to seep through the coat. I am not sure if we lost some of the less prepared walkers along the way, but I did notice some were still with us by the end of the evening.

Although I enjoyed the walk it was good to get dry when I got back to the apartment shortly after 10pm.

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