By tondrijfhamer

Rollercoaster 2013

New Year's Day. Around 400 people in my town Delfzijl decided it was time to take a fresh dive into the sea today. A tradition that has spread around the country during the past years. With a temperature of 8 degrees and a watertemperature of 3 degrees, I'd think of other ways to start a new year, but it was fun to witness it none the less.

I've seen it coming for a while, but here it finally is: 2013.
Looking forward this will be a crucial year for me, both personal and business-like. On the personal front I'll have to decide about a hip-replacement, and on the businessfront some very interesting opportunities are reveiling themselves.
Combining everything makes my mind crack sometimes, but I'm not complaining.
So, for me 2013 will be a roller-coaster-year. One of making (some difficult) decisions, hands-on, grabbing opportunities and looking forward.

Have a happy year!

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