I enjoyed a lovely blip meet in Stratford today with Rose and Rob, Peter and Jane, Steven and Jill and Terri.  We met at the butterfly farm and had a wander through there admiring the huge variety of beautiful fluttering things before retiring for a drink in the Theatre.  Terri and self looked around the theatre, what we were allowed to view, whilst the others went to buy lunch.  
Picnicked in the shade before heading off to enjoy a River boat ride along the Avon. 
An ice cream/tea shop finished the day off nicely!  Lovely to meet up with all these blippers again.  Another great blip meet!
En route home Terri and I made the st nag very angry by detouring off the prescribed route to go and see the Canal just where it comes out of a rather long tunnel.....well, we did not quite find that but enjoyed a stroll along the canal in the cooling late afternoon sun. Today's blip is taken along the canal as it is used by many commenting to and from places of work.
Note the heron - totally unbothered by the cyclists, but not too keen on walkers with cameras. 
A couple of the butterflies in extras

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