Rodents rule

By squirk

New flower in the pot

I noticed this bloom today when watering the plants. It's a gazania, which is a new one on me. It's one of the successful plants I've grown from the seed that the Soil Association sent me for the bees. Alongside it from the same seed packet is a California poppy and an English marigold. The snails are so far ignoring them.

My sleep last night was disturbed by a small commotion in the kitchen. As I made my way down the hall, I noticed the doorstop was larger than usual and the cat was extremely interested in it. Upon seeing there was a bird cowering beside the doorstop, I shut Juno in the bedroom and scooped up the bird to place it in the plum tree. Its wings, nor anything else, didn't seem damaged. Poor thing. I think it was a juvenile swallow. Goodness knows where Juno found it. Anyway, it wasn't in the tree this morning, so I hope it flew to safety at first light. The extra photo is Juno, flat out after a hectic night.

It's been a day of staying indoors in the cool. When watering the plants this evening, the mosquitoes were out in fine whining form. Urgh.

I enjoyed a lovely catch up with a fellow Feastie in the library courtyard. he's just got a cat, which is very exciting indeed.

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