Alentejano Amor

Such a full day, so difficult to choose a photo, but loved this one for being so Alentejano, the bread, the basket with those porcelain handles, the painted chair, the tablecloths, the olive trees and burnt up ground in the background. And the unpretentious simplicity of it all.

Delfina and her family invited us for a bite to eat at their country place. The bite consisted of a slow roasted lamb and a large hunk of pork, and thankfully for vegetarian Elliott, a whole load of other dishes as well, washed down with jugfuls of sangria. The main photo was at about nine o'clock; the extra of us all was a couple of hours later.

- more progress on the roof, and the sand and bricks arriving at last
- taking Elliott to Luz museum and boardwalk
- Alentejano generosity - again! and Delfina's cute as a button granddaughter here visiting from the Azores 

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