Early in Évora

Went early to Évora for Elliott to catch the bus to Faro, and then home to Birmingham. He's worked extremely hard and appreciated everything we did with him, and really made an effort with Portuguese, a great visitor.

We then sat together at the table on left of thumbnail in the main square, enjoying an orange juice and a coffee, and reading our Bibles, a peaceful moment and perfect temperature at that time of the morning. The UK has been hotter than here today, so utterly weird.

Then more work on the roof, washing bedding, work on computer, and now, hopefully, an earlier night than recently.

- Elliott's contribution to our place here
- sitting in a square drinking coffee, not something we do very often, though I thought we would when we moved here
- all your comments, stars, hearts on my journal, really appreciate each one, wish I had time to respond more 

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