By heanku

Low and high

100 car wrecks in heavily overdue condition can be found at Kyrkö mosse, 70 km from Växjö. A remarkable man called Åke created this car graveyard. A very strange feeling to walk among the car wrecks. The oldest and rusty ones are so beautiful. And it was so interesting to try to find out what car it had been long ago. Well worth a visit and free of charge.
Extra: Another special person has made herself known in the neighborhood. Miss Florence Stephens at Huseby, about 20 km from Växjö. She spent time with royalty, ancestors of today's king. Prince Carl J:r worked for her and he cheated her on a lot of money. She died 1979 and Huseby was left by Stephens testament to the Swedish state. This place is also well worth a visit.

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