Feeling the heat

Well today has been a day I would not want a repeat of. At work today when I got a message on the Facebook service from Julie to say she had her purse stolen from her bag which had her money cards and return train ticket in and was stranded down in Peterborough with no phone or money and no way of getting home. I tried to arrange something but couldn't . Thankfully the new boss told me to get off and get her picked up. So I dashed home and made the 60 mile dash to pick her up. Not the best of things to do on the hottest day of the year. On the way down the A1 I was surprised to find my self driving through 2 small bands of rain.
Once I had got down there it was a case of finding her luckily I had told her the Sat Nav had an estimated arrival of 3.15 so she was looking out for me arriving. It was then a case of making the 60 mile return trip. 
On the way back we found somewhere to stop for food and drink as Julie had been without both due to no money and I had  only had a drink of water while making the journey down .We stopped at some service's near to Grantham .On the way out Julie commented on a crow that was wandering around the car park with it beak wide open probably feeling the heat. I grabbed a couple of shots of it and then threw some grapes down that was not the best of tasting as they had been in the very hot car. 
Back home and now relaxing 

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