By MsQuizzical

Nettled By The Heat

I didn't venture far on the hottest July day on record. I kept an ear out for planes in case something worth posting on the Plane Spotting Live website flew over. As it happened we were chatting in the garden to the tree surgeon who had given a walnut tree a haircut for us when a Spitfire appeared but I missed it. :(

I photographed a mixed flock of gulls gorging themselves on what I believe were flying ants. I think I can see one in the bird's bill. (Extras) I shot the nettle above when Ollie dog and I went for a walk after nine. It was still oppressively hot and my hair remains damp with sweat as I write this at eleven pm. The temperature in the house near an open door is 29, it got to 34.5 earlier.   

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