Northern Star

By Lifferz


Massive downpour and thunder all morning

Decided to risk driving into a large local town where lunch was enjoyed at a local supermarket and then the lawnmower (nicely repaired) was picked up from Mr Bricolage.

Back to the house to open all the windows as it’s like a sauna in here despite outside temperatures of only 20 degrees today- hopefully the mossies will stay away.

Mopped the downstairs floor which took ages, even with two of us using our own mops - the place now smells and feels better so walking around barefoot will feel much more welcoming!

The day has raced ahead and I’m not sure where it went but on a plus side the land and local crops got a good watering.

Blip is of a very colourful cake display in the supermarket- I didn’t buy any of the cakes as I had chocolate cake at lunch.

Sitting outside now as the rain has stopped listening to 4 black red start birds chuntering away to each other. They are quite small birds but make the most unusual tutting and clicking noises.

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