Northern Star

By Lifferz

Paperbark Maple

6.5 miles walked and breakfast (full English) outside in the partial rain. Thankfully a very socially distanced umbrella was acquired. It was a good start to Sunday.

I think (hope) I’m getting my energy back after taking some antibiotics which made me feel drowsy and exhausted for several days. I found an online forum where about 70 people were talking about how fatigued they felt after taking them, this made me feel better as it’s not on the list of side-effects, and I thought maybe I was unwell with something else. I needed a mid-afternoon siesta today but only dozed for an hour so that didn’t feel too excessive.

Feta salad for dinner tonight in an attempt to eat something a bit healthier and lighter than of late. Hopeful my green tomatoes will be ripe to eat. I also have some home grown yellow beans (not many sadly) which I’m thinking are very much keen to be picked and enjoyed.

My Blip? I loved the bark on this tree spotted in Westonbirt this morning, the colours and the lighting made it all rather magical (well to me anyway).

In other news MrH is trying to hang the gate I ordered and treated in March. I was worried I’d measured the width incorrectly as it looked huge compared to the gate it is replacing but it’s all good. The last gate was made from recycled shipping pallets!

So far, in the new project, MrH has had to make new gate posts which has taken a while. It also needed new band hinges and we’ve been waiting on some screws which appear to have been all over the village in the last 48 hours- at one pint the supplier even cancelled the order!

It will be nice not to welcome the postman with a rotten gate that has a big hole in it

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