Green in Bournemouth

No, I’m not promoting a brand of rental bikes. But both I and ‘13 South’ and have blipped them recently as new Beryl Bike bays appear around town.

You could not fail to spot their bold promotional pitch yesterday in the recently pedestrianised section by Beales.

And how silly to have an agent with his hair streaked in Beryl green, and to offer matching green cupcakes.

Great idea. Except for the minority of selfish and/stupid morons who flaunt the rules and race round oblivious to the safety of pedestrians. If and when Boris’s 20,000 extra police arrive, maybe this will be addressed.

Hoping to get the 10:20 to Wareham. Good fruit and veg stand at the otherwise unremarkable market at the Quay.

Thanks to Admirer for this very Silly Saturday Challenge

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