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By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Pelicadger

More compelling in large.
Extras: Kleptophotography"Look don't touch!"

I've back-blipped yesterday's entry after a late night out at a folk club...
Im. and I went to St. James's Park to see the new pelicans in the morning (deciding not to let the rain disrupt an otherwise appealing plan); we found all six together on their island rocks, so went and spent some time with the Ross'sling and it's kin. When we swung back around the lake, we found one of the juvenile pelicans impressing the crowd with its confidence, persuasive begging technique, and happiness to accept either food or hands for chewing on...
It seems a shame that they're so tame: I've never seen the older ones approach people (other than the keepers offering fish), let alone beg from passers by, and I fear that it'll result in a rather unhealthily supplemented diet. People offered this one baguette ends (and crumbs) and crisps; it seemed pretty happy nibbling on hands and the fence, but took the offered food.

St. James's Park pics are on this page (or right from All six pelicans together)

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