The World Through My Eyes

By Marlieske

The Pigeon and Tex...

Tex has been lurking for a long time on the pigeons that live in our garden... Today one of them wanted to take a bath... Tex tried to sneak up to him, but the pigeon fled in the conifer... He really didn't understand what happend, and lost track of the pigeon... I didn't... and it was so much fun to watch... 
See the other photo's in the extra... 1 with Tex and the pigeon completely disappeared in the conifer... and 2 with the pigeons head out the conifer, ready to fly away... 
Silly Tex... didn't notice anything.... :-D

Many thanks to  admirer for hosting SillySaturday.

Many thanks for all you kind and lovely comments, hearts and stars for my yesterdays blip... I'm slowly catching up, and strugling to get my blip flow back... A.S.A.P. (one by one, as some of you noticed )

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