The World Through My Eyes

By Marlieske

My eye

on dereliction...

Many thanks to 60plus for her last week hosting Derelict Sunday...
I'm signing in as host this upcoming week, and will take over again the Derelict Sunday challenge that is so well taken care by 60plus! I'm in debt with you for the rest of my life  well, for a long time... anyhow

So next weeks tag for DerelictSunday is #DS152, the week starts on Monday the 29th of July and ends on Sunday 4th of August at midnight.
I'll post hearts and honorable mentions the 7th or the of 8th August...

Many thanks for all you kind and lovely comments, hearts and stars for my yesterdays blip... I'm slowly catching up, and strugling to get my blip flow back... A.S.A.P. (one by one, as some of you noticed )

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