By Ronniebofa

Lets Dance

After a year of attending the Peak Sports Village, I plucked up the courage to attend the Cardio Dance class this morning being rather self conscious of my lack of co-ordination, flexibility and my weight. Flexibility and body image have improved with the loss of more than 90 pounds weight in the last 12 months of diet; and gym, Spin and Fit4Life classes at the Peak but co-ordination is still a problem.

Glad to say I was able to get a space at the back of the class and no-one laughed at my attempts to keep up and follow the choreography. Everyone made mistakes and some like me did their own thing. A fun time was had by all and the great thing was that I burnt more than 400 calories in the 50 minute class- more than I do in Spin or Fit4Life classes. Another added benefit was the 3,834 steps recorded during the class, which helps me in my FitBit challenges. I’ll be back next week

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