Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

More adventures

A friend and I had in mind doing some more milky way shots up country.   I had thought about this location - Lake St Clair.  The trouble was that there was no phone reception so we had some difficulties trying to accurately locate where the milky way would be after dark.  What did we all do before our phone apps for such things I wonder!

Anyhoo, we were roughly right  in that the Southern end was coming down to the left of that dead tree however the centre and a much more spectacular view was to the North and unfortunately we couldn't get a position that did it any justice.  So here you have the view in the late blue hour which I have to say I preferred to the later shots.  The glow is from the lights of Singleton and the smoke from some burning off nearby.

An adventurous trip home as I managed to avoid hitting two roos who had decided to sit on the road.  They are definitely not something you want to hit with your car (even with bullbars) as there are no winners in that situation.  Late home again hence I am posting Sunday morning.

Well a happy weekend to you all.

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