Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

5 bamboo

At about 5 pm I rushed outside to grab a blip.   It was raining and while not blowing a hoolie, suffice it to say that the bamboo was moving around so I was lucky to catch this 5 drips before they fell.  I suppose they would have been replaced quickly enough.  It wasn't as torrential as it was yesterday, I saw on the news tonight that there was widespread flooding around Newie yesterday with 10 children having to be rescued from a bus where the water was half up it's sides.

I took Maggy to the vets this morning.   I had worked myself up into a state about her as I foolishly did a bit of googling on the weekend to try and see what was causing the twitching of her ears and the cases I read seemed to relate to cancers.  Well of course Ockham's Razor  applied in this case as she has fungal infections in both ears caused by having to wear the collar of shame.   Ear drops for 2 weeks twice a day.  While she was a bit hesitant about her breakfast this morning and didn't seem to be herself, the vet was satisfied her abdomen was fine and she was on the mend from the chux ingestion.  The fungal infection was likely to be very itchy and driving her mad and this was more probably the cause of her funk today.  Another great relief.  Now if only I can stop her from eating something else, she might yet get to live a long and productive life.

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