A day of two halves

Mt wanted to take the children to a science park this morning whilst H went to the gym, so I went with him. Rather dispiriting rain all morning but not too heavy and still warmish so we braved the outdoor as well as indoor parts. The historic collection of cars and carriages seemed to interest Mx a bit, but AR not at all impressed and she just whined about being tired as we went round. A hot chocolate and gingerbread man biscuit helped, but then we did the interactive science bit and Mx hated the noise and various strange lights and sounds, and AR needed persuading (Mt of course loved it...joyously trying out every display and activity and desperate for them to be older so he could explain it all to them!).
We headed across the park to see the other gardens and museum of things found in Bedfordshire.....dinosaur teeth, Roman coins, skeletons, farming utensils....much more fun! They both perked up a bit (although even a tractor didn’t help Mx early on- extra) and enjoyed running around and exploring despite the drizzle.
Home and had lunch then T phoned and suggested fruit picking so AR and I headed down to meet him. AR had a little sleep on the way and woke up much brighter...we enjoyed teaching her how to pick (and eat!) the fruit and she was very jolly with T&Kt.
On the way home she was very amusing as I struggled to find the right version of the Moana soundtrack of songs and she told me just how wrong I was and why couldn’t I do it like Daddy or Auntie A! She played with Torch for a while...locking him in the sitting room and not letting anyone else play with them...what a character.
Supper then made jam with her strawberries to leave with them.

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