By Ridgeback13


Woke to torrential rain which kept up a lot of the day and made for a slow start and quite a lot of laziness! After the kids had breakfast they snuggled up with K&I...AR delighting in her second morning helping with ‘the wetter game’ (aka a crossword as described by a child who has difficulty saying words that start with ‘L’) and Mx expertly navigating my iPad and finding all sorts of drawing tools and games I didn’t know I had!
Once we were all finally up and dressed we had mounds of bacon sandwiches then I decided to start reading the Hilary Mantel Thomas Cromwell trilogy (not sure how far I’ll get with it but such a treat to just relax and read with a coffee and nothing else to do). Others variously played scrabble, watched a film, progressed some quilting, went back to bed or into the hot tub.
Later, after leftovers lunch Mt&H took the little ones to Leek for a wander round, T&Kt went off for a hike and A,N&O set off to walk from the house through the woods. S returned to stay with us and despite the rain she, K and I ended up in the hot tub in the rain when it restarted. I had to rescue A from her walk as she’d developed huge blisters poor thing but a hot tub and a sleep helped her. Gradually everyone else arrived back...all in various stages of having been soaked, but we lit the woodburner and settled down to dinner and another game of UNO as well as one of Exploding Kittens...much harder!
Relaxing day

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