By Kipsie

It was epic

Well that was the response I was looking for after spending most of the afternoon making all the components for an authentic Thai pork noodle soup.
First task of the day, well, that's not strictly correct. Ella, my charge for the next week or so had not 1 but 3 "little" accidents in the night. She woke me twice during the night with the pitter patter of Lakeland terrier paws on laminate flooring, first time was fine, second, the damage had already been done.
Swiftly moving on to the second task of the day, I thought Sainsbury's would be my best bet for everything I needed. Everything sourced, bar mooli, I subbed it with 'Speciality' radish. What a silly name for a packet of multi coloured radish, I find radish too peppery for me nowadays so didn't try them. Will let mum doing the flavour test, she pretty critical about everything. Lol!
Two lots of laundry done and on the line, brekkers next, natural yogurt, granola, topped with homegrown blueberries. There will never be enough to freeze for later but such a treat for now. They ripen at just the perfect rate for 1 pick 1 topping. Got that right.
Well that was silly! Half my back blip from yesterday has disappeared, I must have done something SILLY. Most unlike me lol!!  ... so will add it now coz what's on here is'nt actually SILLY.
So laundry blowing nicely in the wind, time for a spot of gardening. Nicky & I had a wander around the "estate" before she headed off on her jolly hols so I knew what was what .. & what I thought needed doing this morning was brushing away all the dead leaves from the wisteria that were right outside the summer room doors. Of course it did'nt stop there because a SMALL herbaceous bed below needed a bit of a sort out. The HUGE Nicotiana looked totally out of place & had gone over so I pulled them out, deadheaded the Dianthus, Heuchera & Scabious then teased the self set Nicotiana seedlings from the lawn and  planted them in the SMALL bed. That was SILLY I should have found somewhere more suitable but it was too late, they were in. :) Deadheading the Dianthus, I thought to myself, they would make good cuttings ... Here I go again .. making new plants. Perhaps there will be another Rowcroft fund raiser next year after all.
Another hour or so fartnarkling & it was time for lunch.
Right then, time to make the many authentic Thai pork noodle soup components.I won't bore you with all the details but they consisted of - braised pulled pork, red pork, pork balls, pork crackling, crispy fried garlic, roasted peanuts, spring onion, freshly chopped coriander, with vermicelli rice noodles (not freshly made I hasten to add), Sainsbury's finest, & pork broth.
Everything cooked, & cooled, Ella & I walked down to the Chelston Manor pub to join John & quaff an ale. Ella had tap water, I had a half of Thatchers Haze. Hubby had already driven down so we rode back up the hill together.
Did all the biz with the soup, pic above, looks delish or not??? Served it up.
Moi, chef extraodinaire.  "What do you reckon then?"
"Too many noodles"

Silly me to expect anything more constructive,
Silly me for standing there for the best part of the afternoon attempting to create a culinary masterpiece worthy of a Thai dining table. They sit on the floor to eat so forget I said that. Silly me!
Silly me :) will not be doing it again.
Silly me for buying Sainsbury's cooked chicken thighs for Ella .. she turned her nose up at her dinner. She preferred the Lidl's cheap n cheerful sausages that I cooked for her. Nicky told me she liked sausages, she did'nt tell me she had a brand preference when it came to chicken. Silly me for not asking.
And as this is a back Blip I can tell you that last night I left the summer room door ajar so that when Ella woke in the night she could go outside. Silly I know from a security point of view but I awoke this morning feeling fresh as a Silly daisy, finding Ella fast a bobo's in her bed & NO accidents to report.

You can call me Silly :)

Thanks to admirer for hosting the challenge. Next weeks won't be half as much fun I bet. LOL!!

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