Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Painted Lady on the Veronicastrum

I know it's Veronicastrum and I think it's a (female?) Painted Lady. Someone can put me right if it isn't. I don't think they're at all rare but they have an amazingly long migratory journey from North Africa or the Middle East. Astonishing to think there's not one but several in my garden in Stirling today.

I've taken a lot of photographs of bees, hoverflies and butterflies today. I think this is the best so it's the blip.

I'm still finding the weather a bit oppressive and humid. I gave the linen shift dress I've had for at least 15, and probably more, years its annual outing. I pondered popping into Edinburgh but in the end didn't. Out for a nice brunchy lunch then I picked up a few remaindered plants to try and cheer up the pots. I don't know why they've gone into a sulk as it's hardly been hot enough to tire them out quickly this year. It's sunny, warm and dry just now so I'll head into the garden soon. Then I'll tackle the ironing. Then I'll reward myself with the gooseberry crumble I made yesterday.

Wishing everyone a similarly relaxing Sunday

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