By Ingeborg

Lavender rose

In last Thursday's new bouquet , a rose with a great spiralling heart and a colour between lilac and lavender, I only dared putting them in a vase today, I've kept them in the dark in the relatively cool garage because of the heat. Today the temperature didn't come above the 20 C !!

The summer of sport is finishing, what are we going to do now that the Tour de France is ending ? ;-)

Thanks so much for the many repetitive and other entries for last week's Abstract Thursday ! Next Thursday is the first day of the new month, so as usual there won't be a theme, it's a 'make/take any abstract that pleases you' day. The tag will be AT214.

Here's my list of last week specials:
DonnaWanna        for a shining natural repetition
craftylady               for an eyetwisting spiraling pattern
SandraSuisse        for catching the shimmering tail of a mermaid
stiffknees               for capturing an image full of falling stars
johndeere               for seeing and capturing the regular repetition of a palm trunk

Thank you for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's collage of textured edits !

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