By strawhouse

Mother's Day Lamp

This lamp has been sat by my bed since Mother's Day and I realised I hadn't Blipped it yet. Miss E bought it for me - with her own money - at school a few weeks before Mother's Day.
It was nice to see it this morning and think of her off on her adventures.
Miss L was complaining of an itchy throat this morning. I assumed it was hay fever, gave her some Piriton and took her off to school.
At school she complained a bit more so I had a look in her throat and she had a really weird bright red patch on the roof of her mouth at the back. I went into the office and asked them to keep an eye on her. Then I got back into the car and Googled it. Always a mistake!!!!
Scarlet Fever, Strep throat, plague..........
I'd arranged to go to Mrs K's this morning for coffee and a pain au chocolat. I couldn't shake my worries that Miss L had some dreadful disease so I rang the doctors and they said to bring her in at Noon. 
So I enjoyed my coffee and pain au chocolat then went back to school to pick Miss L up.
The doctor was a bit baffled but not worried. Thankfully it wasn't any of the things Dr Google had suggested. He thought it was most like some sort of injury - maybe too much trampolining with lolly sticks in her mouth?!!!!! - and hopefully it'll be gone in a week or so.
We went to my mum's after the appointment. We could have gone back to school but I couldn't be bothered and obviously Miss L had the plague and needed to rest!!
It's still raining. We'll be needing to build an ark soon. 

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