By Colstro

Fun with trains

Into London again this afternoon for our third concert of the weekend.

One possible advantage of buying a season ticket to the BBC Proms (even just a weekend pass as we had) is that you can enjoy a wide variety of music, and see performances that you might not normally choose to attend. That has certainly been true of this weekend. On Friday we enjoyed music including works from Joni Mitchell and the Beatles.  Last night we enjoyed romantic classical music from Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev.  Tonight we heard much more challenging music from Olivier Messiaen - his "Des canyons aux étoiles". Unsurprisingly, this was a less well attended concert and, indeed, a few people left during the concert. We stayed until the end, but neither of us would rush back to hear it again. However, it is all part of the experience offered by the Proms.

Travelling home was again disrupted by a train cancellation.  According to the departure boards, our next available train was a whole hour later - not what we wanted late on a Sunday night.  We found an alternative route home.

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