By BikerJim

~Southwest Sunset~

~A Far Horizon At Dusk~

There were some beautiful cloud formations to the west in the very late afternoon. But when it came time for the sun to set nothing happened in the western sky. When the sun went below the landforms, the wonderful cloud structures where still there but they didn't get any illumination from brother sol. Although 45 degrees south from that west compass point I got this view. And it was late as well, maybe a half hour after sunset happened here.

Again, patience and a modified point of view payed off. When I am up on Sunset Ridge photographing a sundown display I try not to get locked into a mindset of what I expect to see. I'm always looking around, sometimes turning complete circles. I also change lenses just to see what I might be missing. I found this image after switching from my 28-135 to my 55- 250, just before that I had my 12-24 attached. I probably made 25 or more lens changes in my 45 minute stay up on the ridge tonight.

Patience because good things come to those who wait.
Modify because you never know what your missing.

Hope you all had a great New Years Eve, TucsonJim ;o)

Southwest Sky In Large

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