Spacey Pics

By Stacebob


We've had it planned for ages, but it may have been a mistake to hold a cake sale on the hottest day of the year..! Luckily, the waiting room at Sutton Cottage is marginally cooler than our office (in which the air con is so broken that a couple of the outlets are blowing out warm air..) so it was actually quite nice for us! The cakes suffered a bit though, but we still managed to raise £154 for the launch of our new Play Appeal, so it was still a success! After a quick lunch, we headed back to the office where I spent the entire afternoon melting; it was 34° outside at one point and the office was waaaay hotter than that. 

Rich & I were supposed to meet Ma, Pam and Sarah after work for them to give Rich his birthday pressies, but the Metro had stopped running in the heat and a load of trains were delayed, so we had to cancel. I was very glad to go home and sit in front of my giant fan!

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