Birthday Serenade

After a much less sweaty day at work (it's generally cooler out but also the air cos is fixed! HUZZAH!), I popped over to The Flapper to meet Rich and co. for his birthday celebrations. I haven't been to The Flapper in years, and it was rather nice to be back. It wasn't as busy as I'd anticipated so despite us being a fairly large group we managed to commandeer most of the beer garden, and I had a delightful time time chatting (mostly with Kie, Ruth, Shan and Amy). From there we popped over to Karaoke Box, where Ruth and Shan had decked our room out with confetti, balloons and inflatable guitars! I didn't take many pictures because I was too busy dancing and belting out bangers, but I did manage to capture this beautiful moment between Kie W and Jimmy! 

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