A day in the life

By Shelling


It's been really hot today, and still. I was working all morning and had a few errands in the afternoon but decided to go for a swim later on, my first this year.

When 'later' finally arrived I went to the beach some four km away but understood rather quickly that conditions weren't the same in my sheltered yard as they were on the beach. Northerly wind, waves and a chill in the air that didn't feel inviting at all was waiting for me, a clear change in weather conditions. The wind had transported all the water that yesterday was in the northern Bothnian bay down to my island. So I decided a walk in water up to my knees would be sufficient instead of a proper swim this time.

The swallows were hunting fiercely above my porch this evening and the sky indicates dramatic change is coming. Tomorrow brings temperatures 15 degrees below todays. 

The swallows are Common Swifts, "Tornseglare" in Swedish. They are the formula one among birds and hard to get on picture. Sometimes they pass only a couple of metres over my head and all I hear is a sound resembling their English name -Swift. I'm glad I'm not on their menu.

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