By tondrijfhamer

Louis Pasteur

Rain falling down on our cabin woke us up this morning. What a lovely sound!
The heat finally has gone and instead of predicted heavy storms all we got was a nice soft drizzle.

After breakfast we made plans for the day and decided to visit two villages. Dole and Arbois.
I calculated a route and I also discovered the weather over there would be a bit better than here at the camping. We’re in a valley and it looked like the rain would stay here longer during the day.

So, off we went to Dole. A one hour drive. 
Of course we visited the local cathedral and walked around through the empty city. Sunday still is Sunday here in France it seems. It was very quiet everywhere we came. Not even a terrace or a restaurant for coffee and a drink.
But we persisted and did find one after all. We then found out we were in the street where the famous biologist, microbiologist and chemist Louis Pasteur was born.

We drank the cappuccino we ordered that actually turned out to be lattes, and ate our Nutella-crêpes and went to see his house on no. 43 that nowadays has turned into a museum.

A little later we were back at our car and set course for the next town, Arbois.
Once there we soon noticed that here Louis Pasteur was the local hero and main tourist attraction as well. He’d lived here and had his laboratory. Of course we went to visit those as well.
In case you doubt whether we saw the church or not, well In can confirm we visited that one also!

By then the afternoon almost came to an end so I turned the nose of the car towards Ornans again and drove for another hour back to the camping. On the way I stopped once to photograph a beautiful chateau high on a mountain. Don’t know the name, but will find out once I’ll get to processing those images.

After dinner (at home, a takeaway burger from the camping restaurant) Bas and Daan played some badminton and I took my drone out. The sunset was coloring the sky like crazy. I flew my longest distances so far, in total 3 flights, covering a distance of over 8 kilometers.

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